Woman was a bridesmaid for stranger she met online with just two days’ notice

Some of the best and truest friendships have started online, with people bonding on social media over mutual interests.

And now there’s even an app where you can meet potential pals, called Bumble BFF.

After moving to a new town to study, Danielle Haley realised she didn’t know all that many people, so she downloaded the app and began swiping, hoping to meet some new friends.

She ended up matching with a woman who just so happened to be getting married that weekend, two days later to be precise.

The woman was in need of one more bridesmaid to fill her wedding party and after a bit of time chatting, asked Danielle if she would step in.

In a TikTok video, posted on @daniellehaley9, she explained: “I moved to this town back in January, and I know three people from my programme for school and they all just went home for Spring Break, so I was like, I’m still here, I’m gonna go on Bumble BFF and see if I can make some friends.

“So this morning, Friday morning, I’m sitting there swiping on Bumble BFF and I see this girl and she is talking about her wedding that’s on Sunday, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh tell me’.

“So she starts telling me and she’s actually like, ‘I need a bridesmaid’, and I’m like ‘Oh, tell me more’. So she did and she was like ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ And I was like, yes I’ll be your bridesmaid for a wedding that’s in two days.

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“She sends me all of her colour schemes and the dresses of the other girls and she’s like can you go to David’s Bridal and get a bridesmaid dress, so I did and now I’m gonna be her bridesmaid.”

The video has since been watched over two million times, with many people fascinated by the story and desperate to know more.

Bumble’s TikTok account even replied to the clip, writing: “THIS IS SO AMAZING!”

Danielle, who now has over 70,000 TikTok followers, later shared a few more updates on the wedding, including asking her followers to help her pick an outfit for the rehearsal dinner.

She also uploaded a Q&A with the bride and groom on their wedding day, in which the bride explains why she asked a stranger to be in her wedding.

“We moved here, we don’t know anybody and we figured you don’t talk to the people in your wedding for the rest of your life anyways…”

The bride added that all of her bridesmaids were chosen at random and they were people she met through Bumble BFF, her wedding photographer and those that lived in her neighbourhood.

Despite the bride’s joke about not talking to people from your wedding, Danielle says they have continued to text since the big day and are still meeting up.

This was definitely the start of a beautiful friendship…