Car wash staff can’t believe eyes after opening up boot and finding black mould

When your job involves cleaning, it’s likely you see some pretty gross things regularly.

But every now and again, there’s bound to be something that will really disturb you and your colleagues.

An instance of this occurred recently at a car wash, when one of the employees found a shocking amount of black mould in the boot of a vehicle.

The car was handed over to be cleaned and the owner explained they had a “little bit” of mould in their boot and asked if they could get it out.

TikTok user Sandra Genee, from the US, was working on the vehicle and did a good job cleaning off the mould… or at least she thought she had, untill she lifted up the carpet in the boot.

Underneath she found the thickest layer of black mould she claims to have ever seen.

In a video on her TikTok account, she said: “Customer asked if we could get a ‘little’ bit of mould out of the back of her trunk.

“Just wait for it.

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“Not realising there was the thickest layer of mould I’ve ever seen underneath her trunk.

“Looked like cobwebs it was so thick.”

Sandra added: “There was a puddle of water down there [under the spare tire] causing all the mould.”

The clip was captioned: “1 like = 1 prayer for her lungs cause she been driving in that car not knowing there was BLACK MOLD.”

The whole thing has gone viral, being watched over 293,000 times and garnering more than 24,000 likes.

Hundreds of people also took the time to comment and share their thoughts – and people had a lot of questions!

One person wrote: “They never thought to take a look under?!”

Another said: “How did they not smell it!”

Someone else posted: “I’m surprised she didn’t get sick!!! We spend more time in our cars than we realise!”

A fourth replied: “I literally gagged when you opened it omg.”

Sandra later added in the comments that she didn’t end up cleaning the black mould off as it’s “too dangerous”.