‘My mum is trying to force her boyfriend to use baby name his late wife wanted’

And there are always bound to be some names that are a big no-no for the other person.

While it would be upsetting if your favourite name happened to be on that list, it’s not the end of the world, there are plenty more names to choose from and you might even end up finding something you like even more.

But one mum-to-be from the US is refusing to stop pushing for a name she really wants – even though her boyfriend has a very good reason for not using it.

This is the claim the pregnant woman’s daughter has made in an anonymous post on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum, where she explained the situation and asked if she should tell her mum she’s in the wrong.

The post reads: “My mom got into a serious relationship about two years ago. She found out she is pregnant, and she just found out it’s a girl.

“It’s a complete ‘miracle’ baby for her and her partner. He is a widower.

“His wife battled with very early-onset Parkinson’s, and she passed away four years ago. It had been such a struggle for her, but she knew it was coming, and she knew her husband would eventually find someone else to love. So she wrote a ‘no-no’ list of names that they had chosen for their children that they would now never have.

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“My mom was aware of the list, but she didn’t know the actual names on the list until she found out she was pregnant.”

She goes on to explain that her mum wants to name the ‘miracle’ baby after a cool character from a book, the name is kind of old fashioned but not too uncommon.

The only problem is that the name is on the late wife’s ‘no-no’ list as it happened to be the name of her mum and she had wanted to name a daughter after her mum one day, but never got the chance.

This particular name is top of the list of names they shouldn’t use, but the pregnant woman is insisting on it.

The post continues: “My mom is insisting on choosing the name anyways, saying it’s a character in a book she really likes. Her boyfriend is much more against the name, offering up a LOT of good names that are similar style but not that specific one since he wants to honour his late wife’s wishes.

“My mom has been complaining to me about it, and I really think she’s in the wrong here.”

The daughter added: “The dude’s wife has literally only six names she didn’t want to be picked [three for each gender] and she happened to pick the most important one??

“I want to tell her she’s wrong and would be an a**hole for picking the name, but I also feel like I might be crazy? My brothers all think it’s fine, and most of our extended family agree that, while it is a little awkward, it’s a name she really likes.”

More than 500 people have responded to the Reddit post, sharing their thoughts on the matter.

One person said: “When naming a baby you have to find something both parents can live with. Your mom would be the a**hole if she forces her boyfriend to be reminded of breaking his late wife’s wishes every day for the rest of his life.”

Another replied: “Blended families are super tricky, and the mom’s basically lobbing a grenade into it by showing her BF and his children that she has zero respect for their beloved late wife/mother. All because she found the name in a book she read one time.”

A third wrote: “The rule is generally two yes, one no. If either parent veto the name for any reason then the name is vetoed.”