Panthers will be playing on new surface with Bank of America Stadium switching to turf

The Panthers will be getting used to playing home games on a new surface this season.

Bank of America Stadium is making the switch from grass to FieldTurf this year. In a statement, Tepper Sports & Entertainment vice president and chief operating officer Mark Hart said that the move is being made because of the wear and tear that grass would go through.

Charlotte Football Club is joining the MLS next year and the stadium’s schedule will now include NFL games, MLS games, college football games, high school football games, concerts, and other events that would make a grass field harder to maintain.

“With two major professional sports franchises using Bank of America Stadium, and more events upcoming, having a natural grass surface is going to be a heavy lift,” Hart said. “We believe a synthetic surface provides the best solution.”

The Panthers’ forthcoming practice facility in Rock Hill, South Carolina will feature three grass fields and a pair with the same turf as Bank of America Stadium.