‘Time traveller from 2582’ bizarrely claims Earth will face three day blackout

A man who ridiculously claims he is a time traveller from the year 2582 has predicted Earth will face a blackout lasting three days within the next decade.

In a bonkers TikTok video, the man bizarrely claims the planet will be plunged into 72 hours of darkness and he urges people to start preparing for the phenomenon.

He speaks total rubbish, but people are eating it up – he has amassed a staggering 636,000 followers on the social media website, where his videos have a combined seven million likes.

His video which claims a three-day blackout will cause chaos on Earth in five years’ time has been watched by more than 425,000 users, the Daily Star Online reports.

The caption states: “Believe or not, this has indeed happened on the June 6, 2026.

“Starting at 00h00 UTC on the June 6, 2026, the Earth will enter into three days of darkness.”

The video adds: “Do not look at them.

“Do not look up in the sky at the light coming from the pyramids.

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“Do not use any man-made lighting except candles.”

The TikTok user warns viewers they must be “prepared” for the event and remain at home until the end of the three-day period.

Among the thousands of comments from users, many wanted more details about the “lights from the pyramids” and what will happen after.

The ‘time traveller’ replied: “I will explain more in details.

“It should clear all the doubts you have left.”

One viewer wrote: “I’m not gonna lie, I put it on my phone calendar about this Doomsday BUT I’m highly skeptical.”

Another added: “Please tell me that it’s not real I’m scared of the dark and we don’t have any candles. Can we use TVs and phones?”

And a third wrote: “It’s not real, he has had multiple videos saying stuff would happen then they never did and he deleted the videos.”

There is a growing list of social media accounts run by hoaxers who claim to be from the future while throwing out predictions of doom and gloom.

In one video, a man claimed he went to the year 8973 and telepathic cyborgs who replaced humans.