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5 Features That Most Appointment Scheduling Software Don't Offer

5 Features That Most Appointment Scheduling Software Don't Offer

Steven Borders

We all want to be unique – even when it comes to business brands. So many appointment booking solutions will boast of the ability to customize appointment confirmations and reminders, or how they automate the appointment scheduling process. But, isn’t that what every appointment scheduling tool can do?

With TimeTap, we truly are different. Our solution offers an array of features that can solve custom and complex scheduling needs. It’s what makes us the go-to appointment scheduling software for larger organizations. We even offer HIPAA compliance whereas most scheduling tools do not. Here are a number of features that many other appointment scheduling software solutions don’t often include.

Travel time calculator

Whether you are an entrepreneur or are just building up your business, you are probably scheduling appointments with leads and booking appointments at multiple locations. This means you need buffer time between appointments. But what if some appointments require a fair amount of travel time, and leave you rushing from one location to another? You don’t want to build in an hour buffer between every appointment to avoid these mishaps.

Enter our Travel Time Calculator! With this feature, our system uses Google Maps to calculate the travel time between appointments and automatically build buffer times into your schedule. You can always enter a standard buffer time – especially if most of your appointments take place in a single location. With our Travel Time Calculator, you can maximize daily appointment bookings and no longer waste time building longer time buffers than you need.

2-Way calendar sync

Almost any appointment booking software will allow for appointments to be added to a third-party calendar. However, not every booking software can integrate with your work and personal calendars so that any availability change on your work email calendar will automatically shift your availability on your appointment booking scheduler.

This is a huge benefit that helps prevent double bookings. The last thing you want to do is adjust the availability in your appointment scheduling software every time an office meeting or one-on-one meeting pops up in your work email. With our 2-way calendar sync feature, both calendars seamlessly communicate with one another, and you’ll never have to worry about double bookings again.

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Multiple staff calendars

If your business or department has multiple staff who take appointments, you will need an appointment scheduling tool that can consolidate each employee’s individual booking page into a single booking site. This not only streamlines the process for your customer by offering a single site to book all appointments with your business, but it also allows for visibility and oversight into all staff bookings.

Sometimes different staff have different availability, or perhaps not every staff member offers the same exact services. When you consolidate multiple staff booking pages into a single site, you can control the scheduling flow so that a customer can select from different locations, services and staff members. This way, if one employee works remotely and only offers virtual meetings, our system will not offer their calendar for booking if a customer needs to meet in person at a physical location. Our smart scheduling system will help sort the scheduling process – making it easy for customers to schedule an appointment with the appropriate staff member who can meet their needs.

Smart scheduling and an array of options that allow you to customize your scheduling will give you the power to leverage a booking site that meets your business needs.

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Tiered accounts

What is a tiered account? In simple terms, it’s a hierarchy of multiple TimeTap accounts. Not every organization needs this feature, but if you are a large organization with multiple departments, our tiered accounts functionality is a must-have.

Some larger organizations have multiple departments or teams and require unique booking sites for each of them. However, the company may want a level of oversight to assign unique access permissions for staff and to access reporting across multiple departments or teams. Very few appointment scheduling solutions offer tiered account structures for larger businesses. With TimeTap, our award-winning customer support team can help you set up your desired account structure.

Client management tools

Your appointment scheduling tool should give you more than simple appointment information. With our custom forms, you can acquire additional information from clients to help you better prepare for the appointment. With our Client Management Tool, you get a lightweight CRM that automatically stores collected information about each person that books an appointment with you.

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With our robust scheduling software, you can add intake or other customer-related forms to your booking site, or automatically send them as a follow-up to anyone who books an appointment with you. Not only can this information be stored in the customer profiles on our software, but you can also use our API to integrate with your own CRM software.

Having a client management tool that works with your online scheduling software builds a smarter and more robust scheduling platform that gives you the information you need when you want it. This way, you can refer back to client history, previous appointment notes and additional information that has been collected from anyone booking appointments with you.

No other software gives you such a robust lineup of powerful scheduling features that help automate your appointment booking-related tasks. Our tools are built to scale with your business needs, communicate with your third-party software and can be customized to match your needs. Our support team will be there every step of the way to help, along with a dedicated account manager to help you customize the account to match your business needs.

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