Online Scheduling FAQs

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Q. What if I only need an account for a few months out of the year?

Not a problem. We have a ton of professionals that use TimeTap for just a season out of every year. This is particularly popular among tax advisors.

Once you are done using TimeTap for the the period that you need it, you can hibernate your account. Upon hibernation, you can set a date for when you'd like to receive reactivation instructions. These re-activation instructions will walk you through how to get your account set back up. All your data will be saved so you don’t have to set everything up again. You will not be charged for the months of inactive use.

Q. How long does it take to get it all setup?

This varies depending on the size of your business. For a 1 person business that only offers a few services, it can be set up in as few as 15 minutes. For larger businesses with lots of different services or classes being offered, set up can take anywhere between 1 hour to a couple days depending on what kinds of customizations you want to have.

We recommend working with one of our support specialists on a one-on-one onboarding call to get the setup process all done more quickly. You can book a one-on-one onboarding with our support staff here: Schedule an Onboarding Call

Q. Do you offer any non-profit discounts?

We love offering TimeTap to non-profit organizations with missions we support that need a discount. If you are a non-profit organization looking for a scheduling solution, please contact our team and let us know about your non-profit mission and your scheduling needs. We’ll let you know what kind of discount we can offer and get back to you.

Q. What kind of support can I expect?

We pride ourselves in offering great support to all of our users. We offer one on one phone support to anyone on our paid plans at 406-233-9797. We have email & in-app messaging support that we give to users on all of our plans. Our general response time is around 3 hours during the business day (i.e. 9am - 7pm US/Eastern Monday - Friday).

Our support team obviously aims to be helpful, but we also have the goal of educating our users each time we speak with them. We know that there’s a lot of different things you can do with your scheduling software, so whenever we look at a support issue, we try to identify one other feature the user could enable that may benefit their business. Sometimes the user isn’t interested in it, but we feel that this is a good way to educate our user base on all the functionality that’s in the app.

Q. What are the different security levels that I can provide for my staff?

There are four different staff security levels in TimeTap and they determine different access rights within the app. The four security levels are:

  • Account Owner: by default, this is the person that initially signed up for the account. This person has access to all the information on the account and has the ability to edit all information on the account. This includes the appointments and clients of all the staff and the settings that are configured to determine online booking options. The account owner also has access to the billing information for the account.
  • Administrators: a staff member that is assigned as an administrator has all the same access rights as the Account Owner except that they cannot update/view any of the billing information for the account. Administrators can view appointments for all staff, view clients for the entire business, and update anything in the settings menu including creating profiles for additional staff and changing security statuses for other staff.
  • Location Super Users: a staff member who is set up as a location super user can view and make changes to all the appointments that have been set and all the clients that have booked at the location(s) they are assigned to. They cannot make any changes to the settings menus or view appointments or clients at locations where they’ve not been given access to. They do have access to their own staff profile so that they can update their own availability and class schedule.
  • Users: a staff member who is set up as a user can only view appointments made with them and clients who have booked with them. They have access to their own staff profile, but cannot view any other settings that are on the account.

Only the account owner and any staff who are listed as administrators can make changes to the security levels for other staff. Location Super Users and Users do not have this ability.

Q. I’m interested but I don’t want to start a free trial. Can I book a demo?

Sure thing! Just go to this link and book a demo with our team: Schedule a Demo.

Q. I’m moving to TimeTap from another scheduling system. Do you offer data upload?

Absolutely! We’ll happily work with you to get your historical data or upcoming appointments imported into your TimeTap account. Once you sign up for an account, simply contact our support team and we’ll work with you to collect the data you want uploaded in the correct format.

Q. What’s the difference in features offered in the different versions of TimeTap?

The biggest difference between TimeTap Free and TimeTap Professional is that TimeTap Professional allows you to add profiles for more than one staff person. TimeTap Free will only let you include one staff whereas TimeTap Professional will allow you to add more staff people to your account at $5/month/staff.

There are also several feature differences between TimeTap Professional and TimeTap Free that we talk about in detail on our Documentation Site. We’ve included a brief synopsis here as well:

  • Add unlimited classes: TimeTap Free will only allow you to add one class. You can add as many schedules as you’d like for that class with as much capacity for clients as you’d like for any given class session, but it would all be for the same class type. TimeTap Professional will let you add as many classes as you’d like with as many schedules as you’d like with as many clients as you’d like to allow.
  • Sync with Google Calendar: TimeTap Professional allows each member of your staff to run a 2-way sync between their TimeTap account and whichever Google Calendar account they’d like to connect.
  • Editable email templates: TimeTap Free users cannot edit the appointment email templates that come on their account. TimeTap Professional users can change the default language on the email templates to read however they’d like as well as edit all emails before they send out on an appointment by appointment basis.
  • Include additional fields in appointment list exports: TimeTap Professional users can choose between all of their appointment information fields to create a custom report in Excel format
  • Export client list: TimeTap Free users do not have the ability to export their client list. TimeTap Professional users can and can select to include as many additional fields as they would like.
  • Unlimited custom fields on your booking form: TimeTap Professional users can create as many booking form fields for their clients and/or their staff to fill out upon creating an appointment or a client record. TimeTap Free users are limited to just 3 fields.
  • Private embed codes for services, classes, & staff: TimeTap Professional users have access to private embed codes and booking pages for all of their services, classes, & staff. TimeTap Free users only have one scheduler which is their main business scheduler that includes all their service offerings.

For a full description, we recommend that you check out our Pricing Page on our website as well as our plan description pages for TimeTap Professional and TimeTap Free.

Q. Will my clients have to call me to cancel or reschedule appointments?

We can’t guarantee that your clients won’t call you, but we can tell you that they don’t have to call you to cancel or reschedule appointments.

With the confirmation and reminder emails that send out about appointments, we include a link that clients can use to either cancel their appointment or reschedule it for a different time.

We also offer the option for clients to create logins for your scheduler. This way they can go back to your website or scheduling page, login to your scheduler, view their appointments and cancel/reschedule as need be.

Q. How will my customers book appointments?

Customers can book appointments through your business’s web scheduler. You can use TimeTap’s scheduling landing page that comes with your account (see an example here: ) or you can embed the scheduler on your website (learn more here). Our scheduling landing page is mobile friendly so if clients visit your scheduler on their tablet or smartphone, your scheduler will re-adjust accordingly.

Q. Is my data secure?

We take data security very seriously. We run full hourly backups to make sure your data is never lost and store our servers at a remote location to keep your data secure. You can learn more about our data security practices on this page of our website: Security for your Online Scheduling System.

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